Celebrujemy każdy posiłek –
na co dzień i od święta

Zapraszamy do naszej restauracji U-Dzong przy ul. Przyjaźni na wrocławskich Krzykach.

Sharing a passion for the cooking traditions of South Korea and Japan.

The wide, floor-to-ceiling windows attract you by the view of the simple but finely balanced layout design of an intimate venue. Do not content yourself with just window shopping. Step inside and let the aromas of the Orient work their magic on you with the tempting promise of what the chefs prepare for our Guests.

The sharing of food and celebrating meals

Food sharing and celebrating meals together is always close to our hearts. The table that is covered with a variety of bowls and crockery items filled with crispy vegetables, saporous sauces, fresh fish and other traditional culinary delights makes a perfect opportunity to taste a multitude of flavours and enjoy sharing the meal with your family and friends.

We value slow eating, being able to savour every mouthful of crispy vegetables, fish tempura or every spoonful of aromatic soup. We believe in celebrating everyday life – every meal should be special. This is why our chefs put their hearts and souls into preparing each and every dish. Fresh ingredients, fish and our chefs’ traditional family recipes give the best assurance of the delicious and authentic taste of the food we serve.


Choose from the list:

A Spot For Special Occasions

Some occasions are so special that they call for the perfect setting to show how truly unique they are. We feel privileged to be able to assist our Guests as they celebrate such happy and unforgettable moments. Our restaurant provides the ideal venue and service for different family events.

Wines, Spirits, Beers… And More From Around The World

The restaurant and its well-stocked bar with a wide array of international beverages proves an excellent place to enjoy a relaxing evening over a glass of fruit soju in the company of friends. You may well opt for other Korea’s popular tipples or perhaps one of universal classics. Our Guests may choose from a selection of the world’s top liquor brands. We serve exquisite whiskies and whiskeys, gins, brandies and the best of vodkas including Belvedere and Chopin. We are never short of prosecco to raise a toast on a momentous occasion (although a glass of bubbles will taste equally delicious on no special occasion;))

Our dishes exemplify the perfect balance of the five basic flavours. They will pamper your taste buds and never let you forget the experience until your next visit at U-Dżong. An unassuming and friendly setting helps you make yourself comfortable as you sit down to celebrate your meal in true Korean style.


We hope to see you soon!

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We invite you to our restaurant


Ul. Przyjaźni 14b
53-030 Wrocław-Krzyki

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Monday – closed

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